Casey Carlin
Software engineer, game programmer and hardware hacker 
Career Technologist
As an implementation specialist, I am passionate about bringing design intent into reality regardless of the industry. I am comfortable working on everything from user-facing software tools to mechatronics. I lead cross disciplinary teams to solve tough technical problems under tight time constraints.  

I have spent the past five years leading agile teams of engineers and designers making proofs-of-concept in areas such as deep learning, augmented reality, and autonomous robotics. My work is built on a solid foundation of writing portable, crash-free and reliable C++ code for multi-platform video games.
About Me
I am passionate builder whose career has spanned many industries. I double-majored in Computer Science and Computer Engineering at University of the Pacific, built tools as an intern for Alcatel and Nvidia, built games in Japan at ARC System Works, and built robots, drones and much more for Panasonic.

I led the prototyping of product concepts at Panasonic Beta and contributed to research at Panasonic Silicon Valley Lab
"Armed" Robot Vacuum
Robot arms for the Panasonic RULO vacuum cleaner for picking up toys and other obstacles
Weather Synthesis
OpenGL program that generates raindrops and fog over real images. Part of an ICCV paper on erasing weather artifacts with deep learning
Virtual Environment for Reinforcement Learning 
A training environment built on Unity and MuJoCo originally for this paper on training robot arms to open doors
Full-Scale AR Window
A "Virtual Window" experience built by integrating head tracking into Unreal Engine 4
Tethered Drone
Autonomous, PX4-based drone with a 5 hour flight time weighing only 350g
4-Axis IoT Switch
An IoT-focused switch that you can press, slide, and rotate
Virtual assistant type robot that can make convincing eye contact
Commercial Games
For some reason I keep making 2D games with 3D technology
Full Bore
I wrote the engine for this Indie puzzler and early Kickstarter success story!
Nurarihyon no Mago:
Hyakki Ryouran Taisen
2.5D fighting game based on the manga/anime of the same name.
Developer: ARC System Works Publisher: Konami
Hard Corps Uprising
2.5D sidescrolling run-and-gun. Prequel to Contra: Hard Corps
Developer: ARC System Works, Publisher: Konami
Contact Me
Let me know how I can bring your challenging technical project to reality.